The purpose of this short video is to provide insight for schools/college Careers Leaders on the materials that can be provided to students as part of the BOOST training of soft/employability skills.  These materials can be in paper or PDF form.

Course Take-Aways

We know that every student loves a take-away, so we give them 2!

Each student receives a high quality workbook which they refer to and make notes in through-out the training.

The workbook includes:

  • an introduction to soft skills
  • why these soft skills are important for employability
  • how they differ from the hard skills, more technical skills


For each soft skill, the workbook includes:

  • a clear definition
  • a list of “questions to consider” to excel at this skill
  • “top tips” to be aware of
  • recommendations as to “what good looks like”

Secondly, each student also receives a “BOOST my Skills – Record of Achievement and Learning Log” for each soft skill which can either be maintained by the student individually or stored on the school or college’s share-point site and built upon over time.

This can be driven by the school in an approach which is linked to curriculum, by the student because they personally understand the benefit or by the parents/carers at home who want to encourage the students to keep developing.

This is an essential link to the stages the students naturally come to as they look for part-time or full-time jobs; the ability to demonstrate skills and achievements, recognising what you do well, as well as what you might try differently next time, is a hugely positive indicator to an employer.