It’s very important to BOOST to be able to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative results that measure the success of our courses

On-site at a school/college or delivered via online

  • Online training delivered during Summer 2020 was very successful; when polled both before and after the training sessions with the question “rate your understanding of the skill and why it’s important in education and work places”, the results were stunning
  • Before the training, 19% said “I know nothing or a little about this skill”, which dropped to 3% after the training and 37% said “I know a lot about this skill” before the training, which rose dramatically to 93% after the training!
  • Onsite training allows a much greater depth of personal interaction between trainers and attendees
  • Detailed questionnaires are completed prior to and after the training to gauge the effectiveness and learn lessons from the training
  • Quantitative data allows the school/college and BOOST to understand where further training might be required
  • BOOST provides the school/college with a detailed report of the questionnaire’s output within 24 hours (see example)
  • Qualitative feedback is also provided verbatim to the school / college as we ask students to anonymously provide us with what they enjoyed or how we could further improve our course