Advanced soft skills

The BOOST Life Skills courses break Advanced soft skills down across modules called “team” and “self”.

In today’s challenging corporate environment, moving to the next level takes a special set of personal skills that help you stand apart from the rest.

In any organisation, it is found that teams that are led well and work together well are able to achieve goals and streamline processes, creating greater efficiency and reducing wastage.

Advanced soft skills are often further developed with time and experience in the workplace.  In most entry level roles there are a number of employees looking to progress, however the structural pyramid often starts to narrow after first intake – standing out from the crowd and winning this race is very important.

We can easily build courses or carousels which combine any number of soft skills and for any duration – we are completely flexible around your requirements.

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Philosophy of the BOOST Life Skills courses

Designed to aid students in their journey towards 6th form, further education or some kind of working environment.

The courses are:

  • Innovative
  • Interesting for young adults
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Involve exercises, where appropriate

The value the student gets out of the course will depend on how much they are prepared to engage with the course material and follow up with our easy reference material once at home.