Why pay more when you have so little budget?  We will not be beaten on cost or quality of delivery

Impacts to cost…

  • The duration and scale of training – designed to be flexible enough to fit into any timetable
  • On-site at a school/college or delivered via online (this is extremely low cost)
  • The volume of students to be trained
  • The number of freelance trainers to be employed
  • The volume of take-away materials

Why move forward with BOOST?

  • We have experience of working in vastly different sized organisations, sectors and culture
  • Trainers have external work experience as well as being experts in training delivery to schools, colleges and businesses
  • High level of focus on the detail, presentation and engagement
  • Interactive, innovative, interesting course content
  • We’re passionate about training and the development of people!

What happens next?

  • Decide where the training focus needs to be: what training, on whom, when and where.
  • BOOST will issue you with a quote for discussion and agree cost, dependent on delivery approach and volume of students; we can create any bespoke course that you require.
  • BOOST will issue you with a confirmation letter to deliver training to your students, with detail of the training, date, time, location, number of heads and cost.
  • A final meeting should be scheduled at least 4 weeks prior to the agreed training date in order to ensure all preparation is in line with expectations by both parties.
  • Training takes place.  Feedback is collated, reviewed, communicated and acted upon in order to make the next training session as effective as possible.