We work with business to identify skills gaps in your business and Cloud your workforce, helping you achieve your goals for higher productivity, quality and growth.  Our approach adds value by helping you manage your workforce and achieve maximum return.

Businesses will recognise our vision and these soft skills in an instant.  They are the lifeblood of a successful business and without the right blend of soft skills from the business leaders through to the most junior assistants and apprentices, a business will not be 100% effective and may even fail.

The interview process can often focus on the academic achievements that an individual has with less focus on soft skills and whether an individual will “fit” into the team and workplace.  This is only established as the individual spends more time in their workplace alongside their new colleagues and shortfalls in their soft skills become apparent.  This is to be expected though, as no one is the finished article and every business works and behaves very differently.

Whilst we initially established BOOST to train students at school or college about the importance of soft skills and to enable them to progress on life’s journey, all this learning is equally applicable to people already in the workplace.

Soft Skills Basic” covers the everyday skills that most people require as they mature through their experiences at home, in education and in the workplace.  The “Soft Skills Advanced” focuses more on some of the skills required in a workplace specifically because it leans towards having some form of responsibility in a junior management role where empathy, critical thinking, project management, decision making and the like are required.  These skills are also built up over time based on our experiences, but of course can also be trained.

As we always say at BOOST, we provide the framework for you to choose what you want your business staff to be trained on – we can easily build courses or carousels which combine any number of soft skills and for any duration – we are completely flexible around your requirements.