All courses are prepared, school branded and delivered according to the year group and the learning objectives/outcomes required by yourself.  We can even provide you with a set of homework questions for the students to work on related to the delivery.

Deliveries can be to form time, a lesson, enrichment periods, drop downs, assemblies, work experience and careers weeks or summer school; all onsite or online.  BOOST Life Skills also co-hosts and delivers online during evenings to parents to help them understand how they can support students with the development of these skills.

Online is very scalable across multiple classes at the same time for the same single cost per lesson.  A PDF 1 page summary, learning log and school/academy branded certificate for the students are also available.  Onsite training delivery costs are more variable due to complexity and location and are available on discussion/application. Why not look us up on YouTube?

BOOST Life Skills are proud of our network of trainers that deliver interactive soft/employability skills training into schools, academies and colleges across the UK. The training is delivered by myself, built upon my 25 years of experience in multi-national businesses and recruitment up to Director level, or a skilled trainer with substantial training and work environment experience that really understands the importance of these essential skills.

Why pay more when you have so little budget?  We will not be beaten on cost or quality of delivery.

Make contact for a phone call or online meeting to see the highly professional materials and outputs; our course list is constantly being updated – see below for the latest version. 


Introduction to soft skills – why are employability skills so important?

How parents can support students in developing employability skills – evening online sessions co-hosted with school with BOOST delivering to parents and responding to questions



Why do I need to have good communication skills?

Why do I need to be collaborative?

Why are my inter-personal skills so important?

How can I improve my people skills?

How can I motivate other people?

How can I improve my teamwork skills?

Why is negotiation important?



How to become more confident

How can I develop my personal brand?

Why do I need to be well organised?

How can I become more self-motivated?

What do we mean by self-presentation?

How can I be more productive in my life?

How can I improve my time management?

Why is logical thinking so critical?

Why does critical thinking need to be logical?

How can I develop my project management skills?

How to improve your decision-making skills

How to enjoy preparing and delivering a presentation

How should I prepare for work experience?

How can I impress during my work experience?



Why does me being positive make a difference?

Why do I need to be good at solving problems?

Why do I need to be resilient?

Why do I need to show a willingness to learn?

Why do I need to use my initiative?

Who cares about my body language?


Moving on

New to the workplace – what skills should I focus on?

What skills do I have, how can I demonstrate them?

Employability skills within the personal statement

How to construct and write a CV

How to be best prepared for an interview

Interview preparation and how to present well

How to be best prepared for an assessment centre

Key employability skills, interview preparation, personal statements and CV writing