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BOOST Life Skills will better prepare our course attendees for the future by providing a series of personal growth and development training/tuition opportunities.  These courses and modules will include soft skills, life skills, approaches to assessment centres and interviews, mentoring and coaching.  BOOST Life Skills will focus on young adults at school or college and those already in the workplace who are seeking to fulfil their potential across:

  • Social interaction
  • Sport
  • Interview preparation
  • Entrance exams, GCSE’s and A Levels
  • Work experience/placement
  • Part-time work
  • 1st full-time job
  • 2nd full-time job


We know from talking to Industry Placement Leaders, 6th Form Directors and Careers Leaders that there are often particular courses or segments of pupils, e.g pupil premium, who require more focus on confidence, attitude, self presentation etc , or any of the skills identified in our modules.  These skills make them more employable and better prepared for apprenticeships, the work place or further education.

We also know that today’s employers seek more than just academic qualifications with more importance being placed on life and soft skills.  I’ve worked at Director level in head office roles in a number of retail business for over 25 years, so really understand the requirements of a balanced set of soft and technical skills and what makes an individual employable to a recruiter or for an apprenticeship.

Richard Fawdry, Managing Director – BOOST Life Skills

Whether you're a 16 year old apprentice or the Prime Minister, an abundance of soft skills are required to succeed! Happy New Year to all of BOOST'S colleagues, clients and customers!

6 soft skills the UK’s next Prime Minister will need https://t.co/o90oDHdww9

Organisations must invest in their employees and company alike by providing training and development opportunities that allow their staff to hone the skills of the future: soft skills.
6 essential reasons to invest in soft skills development https://t.co/LSToWxsRfa via @bookboon

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